Corporate Magician

Entertainment for Functions & Office Parties

There are many occasions where a professional corporate magician helps greatly. I can offer your guests an exciting and memorable event. I can use my abilities as an entertainer to break the ice and help add excitement to your event.

Dave entertained our guests at the start of our Christmas party. Our party goers loved the magic and were enthralled by the tricks performed. Dave was very professional and appealed to all the guests. Thanks again!

– Insights Learning & Development

Trade Shows/Exhibitions

For most trade show/exhibition visitors, the sheer amount of choice can be a blur and after several hours of them circulating, it is easy for your business to miss out on vital attention. A close-up magician can entertain entire groups with material related to your products and brand. I can help buy you time to gather contact details and help circulate advertising materials by gaining the necessary rapport before introducing them. There are 2 great ways to provide these: on-stall performance where you aim to attract an audience or with strolling magic where I can collect business cards and brings interested parties back to the stall.

Office Parties/Award Ceremonies

It is often necessary to provide ice breakers and an injection of energy in order to set the right mood for a corporate celebratory event. It might be the case that employees have known each other a long time and therefore need new talking points or that you have many guests who don’t know one another. Either way, a close-up magician can provide personal entertainment that will leave them enthused, energetic and with topics to help with the mingling. An added bonus is that the magician is in a great position to know the mood of the guests and can give an excellent insight into how the event is proceeding on a guest-by-guest level. All of this adds up to be a unique and rare experience with many benefits.

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