Extreme Magician

Magic & Danger Show

A show full of danger, crazy magic. This is perfect for those looking to give the audience something more exciting and outlandish.

For many years, I have been performing dangerous and crazy magic at festivals. I am now offering this exciting alternative to my regular “Total Magic” show making it a truly unique experience. While my extreme magic is still packed with comedy and story, it is more adult oriented (12 years+ if accompanied by a parent/guardian). This is not a show for the fainthearted or young kids.

I will perform stunts using a metal trap, a claw hammer, nails, staple guns, an electric drill, razorblades, steel skewers and more. I also present some unusual feats of mind reading and body control.

With plenty of audience interaction and light hearted moments too, Extreme Magician is a show you wont forget.

Length: 1 Hour (Approximately)
Age Suitability: 12+ only (when accompanied by an adult)
Recommended Audience: 10 to 75 people
Requirements: A private performance space with seats directly in front (e.g. function room, living room etc). No other music.

Teaser Trailer

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