8th May 2023

A wedding magician can add excitement and a personal touch to your wedding but the idea of booking one for wedding entertainment isn’t always the first thing to come to mind if you’ve never seen one in action. I decided to write this to help explain the advantages of using magic to thrill your guests and how it can fit seamlessly into your big day.

From my experience of performing at wedding for over decade, I have can safely say that magic adds so much more to what is meant to be a magical special occasion.

Let me share some of thoughts…

Wedding Magician

The Wow Factor

Seeing magic on TV is often hindered by the knowledge that it could have been done with camera tricks or shot repeatedly to look it’s best but when it’s performed live before you, it becomes far more mind boggling and exciting.

Apart from simply amazing guests, it is a wedding magician’s role to make sure everyone is thoroughly entertained, to give them some personal engagement and to keep the buzz of the day going.

Engaging Your Guests

One of the biggest reasons that I am hired is to help fill the gaps in the day e.g. before or after the meal, during the photos. These are the times when guests are most likely to feel like they are left to entertain themselves and you can often feel the energy level in the room drop. This is where I come in.

I approach each table of guests in term and give them their own personal magic experience. While I introduce myself and meet them, I get a feel for the magic that would suit them so they can then receive a unique magic show that has been personalised to give them the best. This means that not only does this keep the excitement in the room going but it means that each guest is given extra person-to-person engagement which is tough for the bride and groom to give as you can’t be every where at once.

I’m a firm believer in my magic being for the benefit of the audience and not the magician. It’s never about making myself look clever and I make it my aim to spread wonder and make them feel part of it. I also recognise that some guests might not want to be entertained at that specific moment so in such situations, I’ll thank them and mention they can just give me a wave if they want to see something later.

Creating Lasting Memories

A professional wedding magician can provide even more fond memories of the day for your guests with amazing magic that they will be talking about for months, if not years, afterwards. There have been so many occasions where I’ve bumped into guests after a wedding and they’ve told me how everyone is still talking about it long after the day. There are so many decorations and items that cost a fortune to hire that simply don’t have the same impact as the personal attention and wow factor of seeing magic right in front of your eyes.

What Makes A Good Wedding Magician?

A good wedding magician doesn’t just perform good magic. They need to be professional by looking the part, acting the part, being punctual and being able to adapt to situations. I believe that from the moment I first talk to a couple about their wedding, that they should receive great customer service and communication throughout the lead up, during and afterwards so there is no unnecessary stress and so they can trust me to make sure my part in their entertainment runs smoothly. A big part of this is drawing on past experience and all the lessons I’ve learnt to make sure every aspect is the best it can be.

In Short

Wedding magic provides thrilling entertainment usually to help provide excitement in the quiet parts of the day. It is unique for every table and offers a great personal touch for guests, giving the them fun memories to take away and a great icebreaker. A professional wedding magician has the skills needed to integrate their amazing magic into the proceedings smoothly and make the planning stress free and easy.

A lot of couples don’t consider entertainment for the quieter parts of the day and it makes a big different. If you want to add to the fond memories of your wedding day and avoid the lulls, a wedding magician can help!

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